J. Barry Winter


As Marketing Manager for Weststar Commercial’s in-house marketing division Barry draws on his more than three decades of experience.

Barry’s professional expertise in commercial real estate marketing has evolved throughout the many years by having worked closely with top national commercial developers, prime contractors, mechanical and engineering firms, and assorted commercial real estate enterprises. Barry also has successfully served the needs of a multitude of corporations such as Hensel Phelps Construction, Mortenson, Weitz-Cohen, Trautman & Shreve, Coldwell Banker, Martin Marietta, Quantum, Oracle, Asamara Oil, PSCo of Colorado, Ball Aerospace to name a few of the assorted power hitters in real estate development, industrial, technology, energy, mining, aeronautics and exploration firms throughout the nation.

His ability to intuitively comprehend the needs of both the client as well as each of the respective brokers lends itself as a key position in supporting Weststar in marketing a property to its fullest extent.