Karen Karm

As a Senior Property Manager, Karen has managed more than 1.8 million square feet of office, industrial, historical and retail space including national accounts with properties located throughout the United States.

Karen’s extensive knowledge includes fiscal and budget administration, leasing, lease administration, operation expense analysis, tenant negotiations, construction management, marketing, office management, personnel supervision and public relations.

Her success includes reinforcing and encouraging tenant and vendor loyalty through courteous and efficient resolution of disputes, complaints and discrepancies.

Karen is a self-starter with a strong work ethic who strives for honesty and integrity in her business and owner relationships.

Karen is a Certified Property Manager from the Institute of Real Estate Management, is a Real Estate Broker Associate and has a BSBA from the University of South Dakota.

J. Barry Winter


As Marketing Manager for Weststar Commercial’s in-house marketing division Barry draws on his more than three decades of experience.

Barry’s professional expertise in commercial real estate marketing has evolved throughout the many years by having worked closely with top national commercial developers, prime contractors, mechanical and engineering firms, and assorted commercial real estate enterprises. Barry also has successfully served the needs of a multitude of corporations such as Hensel Phelps Construction, Mortenson, Weitz-Cohen, Trautman & Shreve, Coldwell Banker, Martin Marietta, Quantum, Oracle, Asamara Oil, PSCo of Colorado, Ball Aerospace to name a few of the assorted power hitters in real estate development, industrial, technology, energy, mining, aeronautics and exploration firms throughout the nation.

His ability to intuitively comprehend the needs of both the client as well as each of the respective brokers lends itself as a key position in supporting Weststar in marketing a property to its fullest extent.

Charles McMichael


Born in Des Moines, Iowa, Chuck moved to Colorado when he was six-years-old. He has worked for Aberdeen Land Company since 1963. During his time at the company, he has worked on and supervised the construction of countless houses, strip malls and office buildings.

He has been married to his wife, Patricia, for 52 years. They have two daughters and a granddaughter. When he isn’t working, Chuck spends his time with his family and riding around in his muscle car.

Patricia Gehrke


Patty has been a commercial property accountant with Weststar since May 2015.  She has an accounting degree from Colorado State University and more than 10 years of property management accounting experience prior to coming to Weststar.

Patty has 2 children and loves to be outdoors—usually riding her bicycle!

Beth DaVisio


Growing up, Beth lived in five different states but always considered her place of birth, Colorado, home. She earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Metropolitan State University in Denver. She has more than 30 years of property management accounting experience. She started working at Weststar in 1998 as the only accounting person.

Marcie Boxer


Marcie is a 4th generation Denver native who graduated from Overland High School. She attended Arizona State University and the University of Colorado, Boulder. Marcie has worked in the accounting field since college and has worked at Weststar for 18 years.

She enjoys spending time with her husband, two children, traveling and cooking.

Nikki Kreger


Born in South Dakota, Nikki moved to Colorado when she was three-months-old and has called it her home ever since. She took a brief break from Colorado when she attended college in California. Nikki has worked in all facets of property management for more than 20 years with the majority of those years at Weststar. She has experience in all types of commercial and community management including commercial buildings, single family HOAs, condo complexes, high rises and townhomes. When she isn’t working, Nikki enjoys spending time with her two children and being outdoors.

Scott Dubé


Scott has been a self-motivated asset in his successful management of both commercial and residential real estate properties along the front range.

His expertise in dealing with complex commercial property budgets and financials, including bidding, contract management, lease and conflict resolution has also proven to have been a strength not only for Weststar, but equally for owners and tenants alike.

Scott’s extensive knowledge about multiple facets of commercial management, including landscaping, snow-removal, HVAC systems, store-fronts, roofing, and Triple Net leasing, helps him develop successful relationships with his tenants, owners and vendors to ensuring he provides the highest level of property management services.

Stephanie M. Kamlet


Stephanie, recognized for her drive, determination, and competitive nature, came to Denver from Chicago twenty years ago to further grow her career in business development and sales for the real estate industry.

Her prior relationships with a variety of regional, national, and Fortune 500 corporate retail tenants in such arenas as the fast food industries, quick service restaurant chains, the mobile communications markets, as well as working closely with the Thayer McNeil’s Women’s Division of the Florsheim Corporation, has earned her a broad spectrum of expertise that lends itself well in her working closely as a senior commercial real estate broker with Weststar Commercial.

She has a taste for the finer elements in life, which corresponds with her inertia to meld top tenants with ideal locations for their greatest potential for success. Throughout her career, Stephanie’s work in management, sales, marketing, and merchandising has intuitively placed her one step closer to her being able to fully understand and to fill the needs of her clients.

Her in-depth capacity for learning, growing, and in treating people with deepest respect, has brought to Weststar another shining star in which to explore greater realms for both tenants and owners alike.